Saturday, July 9, 2016

20 Personal Branding Tips for Girls

20 Personal Branding Tips for Girls
Building a great reputation can start from an early age. Here our few tips that can aid girls along the way
1. If you want to get a reputation for being brilliant, then you actually have to be brilliant.

2. You cant build a reputation on what you are going to do. Just do it.

3. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is false.

4. Keep your promises. Be Reliable. Be Dependable.

5. Don’t do normal if you have a reputation to hold.

6. Don’t waffle. When you tell a story. Make sure your point is made in three short sentences.

7. Earning a good reputation is more difficult and more important than earning good money.

8. Contribute. To the conversation, to the cause, to the kitty.

9. Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe them.

10.     Before you point fingers, make sure your hands are clean.

11.    If you make a mistake, own up. Do it quickly.

12.      Don’t ignore people. If someone wants your attention, give them a little and then make sure they earn the rest. 

13.     Choose your friends carefully. You can’t have a clean reputation when you hang out with messy people.

14.      Get up, dress up, show up, step up. Live outside your comfort zone.

15.      When you greet someone, look them in the eye. It speaks volumes for your self-worth.

16.       Don’t talk about what you’re going to do. Actions speak louder than words.

17.         Listen. Make the person you’re with feel like they’re the only one in the room.

18.             People will never forget the first impression you made.

19.             People will never forget how you made them feel

20.             Don’t post anything online that you might regret in later years. 

Can you think of any more to add to this list?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


So I came across a photo on Instagram of a young girl who was clothed with not much left to the imagination. Someone actually shared it with me and I know the family very well. I am sure her parents would have a fit if they saw the photo. If I was close enough to her I would say, ''Sweetie, I don’t want to spoil your fun BUT

·      Posting semi nude photos of yourself is not cool

·      Showing too much flesh is trashy not classy

·      It only takes one person to cut and paste the photo and then it can go viral

·      Have self-confidence and don’t let the world see your nakedness

·      Even if you block your posts from adults, we may still get to discover it like I did

·      What if you see your photo in a porn magazine?

·      Loving yourself means respecting yourself

·      Think about your family

Friday, June 17, 2016


Surround yourself with goodness. Surround yourself with 

people who hold you up. There are people out there that love

you " Michelle Obama

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Loving yourself means accepting yourself for who you are.

• Loving yourself means not being afraid of making mistakes and being bold enough to say sorry when you are in the wrong.

• Loving yourself means you can have moments of childlikeness and playfulness without caring about what others think.

• When you love yourself deeply those jealous traits wont rare its ugly head because you will know who's you are and who you are.

• When you love yourself you will accept others too knowing that just as you are not perfect, they are not perfect also.

• When you love yourself, you will look for the best in others and not the worst.

• When you love yourself completely, you will be less involved in drama, knowing that you are only responsible for yourself and your own outcomes.

• When you love yourself you will accept that not everyone will be your best friend and you will only seek to be close with those who have your best interest at heart.

• When you love yourself its ok when some people dont like you. Not everyone is going to like you. Some people havent even figured out why they dont like you but its ok.

• When you love yourself completely, you will seek out your purpose and figure out the reason for your being here. And then you will walk confidently in your purpose. 

• When you love yourself completely, you will know that you are indeed a gift to the world and you should make no apologies for being you. THE END.

Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year to all my readers. I truly hope you get this in the New Year and dont have any expectations from anyone. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Recently I gave a talk to teens girls in Lagos titled ‘’ All that Glitters in not Gold’’ and would like to share some of my thoughts, to you my readers. I talked about impressions and things that should and shouldnt impress us. 

See my list below

Don’t Be Impressed By Good Looks
There is usually a general assumption that if a person is good looking, then they are a good person, right? Wrong! There are good looking people that have terrible characters and are very mean. It is important to get to know people properly before jumping into friendships. Good looking doesn’t necessarily add up to a good person.

Don’t Be Impressed By Money
The love of money is the root of evil. This is the truth. The moment we start to love money, we may start compromising on our values. Don’t strive for money. Strive for success and the money they say, will follow.

Don’t Be Impressed by Material Possession such as cars, houses, designer bags, shoes, hair, phones. They only create short term happiness. The more we crave, the less we are satisfied. How many clothes can really make us happy? Be deeper than your material possessions. They don’t make you a better person.

Don’t Be Impressed By Followers
People that follow us on social media are not real friends so don’t get impressed if someone has 1000 followers and you don’t. Maybe the person is sharing something worth value to the audience but it doesn’t make them better than you. Be unique don’t get depressed if you don’t have followers. Just be yourself.

Don’t Be Impressed By Gifts
There is nothing like a free lunch. If you receive gifts constantly from one person when it’s not your birthday or an occasion to celebrate, then watch out. If you feel uncomfortable, kindly return to sender before you end up compromising your values.

Don’t Be Impressed By Pride
Pride comes before a fall and its one of the thing’s the Lord detests. Don’t be impressed by a girl that shows pride. It’s a bad personality trait and one that can take a life time to cure, if at all.

So what should we be impressed by?

Be Impressed By Humility
A humble girl is down to earth and open. She is not selfish and is always looking for ways to help others. She is kind and loving and if she does something to offend others, she is quick to say sorry. 

Be Impressed By Generosity
A generous girl thinks about others. She is a giver and will always receive a good reward for her good heart. It’s a biblical principle. Caution! Don’t give to receive though. Give because you genuinely want to help others.

Be Impressed By A Girl Who Fears God
A girl that fears God will always know her human limitations. She knows that her life depends on HIM and not herself. She knows that God is watching her and therefore lives with a conscious. This is a girl to be impressed by.

Be Impressed By A Girl With Purpose
This is a girl who knows herself. She has strong self-awareness. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses. She seeks to improve what she can about herself and purses things in life that strengthen her natural gifts. She knows why she was born and spends her life doing those things that she was purposed to do.

Be Impressed By A Girl Who Work’s Hard
A girl that works hard will receive great success. She will be sought after by the best and not ordinary folk. All that she does is excellent. The rewards of her hard work are evident. She does her best in her areas of strength. She is a class act.

Be Impressed By A Girl Who Loves To Read
A girl who reads is a leader. She is probably a prefect in school. Once she leaves school and starts work, she will be promoted rapidly because she is smart and sharp. A girl who reads has good communication skills and can express herself very well.

And Finally Be Impressed By A Girl Who Has Inner Confidence. She knows her value.  She doesn’t need to tell the world how good she is because inside she knows who she is. She respects herself and is also respected by others. A girl with strong inner confidence is just herself and accepts who she is. There is no fronting, forming or pretense.

So that's my list, what impresses you? Please share your thoughts below…